domestic cctv systems

Our systems are tailored to the unique requirements of each customers property. With modern advances in camera technology, gone are the days of very large camera housings and big infrared lamps.

We can offer state of the art elegantly designed day/night cameras to cope with any situation at very affordable prices.

If you require the deterrent value of a larger camera, we offer a range of very modern designs, while making your property obviously protected and providing a deterrent, they are not the massive camera housings of yester year.

recording eQuipment: dvr's

At the heart of every CCTV system is the digital video recorder (DVR). These units record images straight to a hard drive in the same way as a basic home computer.

Silent witness installs user friendly digital video recorders with a sleek design to either blend into your existing home entertainment equipment, or be discreetly installed in a location of your choice.

Digital video recorders come with varying hard disk sizes with 500GB being able to cope with most domestic situations.

DVR's are made to take four, eight, sixteen an thirty two cameras. Most houses require four cameras to give good coverage depending on the size and layout of the property.

In the avent of a criminal incident where images maybe needed for evidence purposes, they can be quite easily backed up onto a standard USB storage device and handed to the police.

remote viewing your cctv images on pc / smart phones / tablets

Our systems can be viewed remotely using a pc, smart phone or tablet. This is achieved by connecting the DVR to your home internet broadband router.

Although a very useful feature, viewing CCTV images is dependant on your broadband connection speed. Your mobile device will also need a good 3G, 4G or wifi signal to view your systems images.

Cameras viewed on smart phone

The above image is of a system that has two cameras that can take four cameras, viewed on a smart phone app. To the left is a night view image and to the right a day view.